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Full text of "Programme of a competition for the selection of an architect for the public reference library building in the City of Toronto [microform]"

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Canadian Inatltuta for Historical IMicroraproductiont / institut Canadian da mieroraproductlona hittoriquaa 

Technical and Bibliographic Notts / NotM tachniquts et bibtiographiqiMs 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may altar any 
of the images in ttie reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming, are 
checked below. 

Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagie 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 

Cover title missing/ 

titre dc couverture manque 

I 1 

I I Couverture restaurie et/ou pellicula 



Coloured maps/ 

Cartes giographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (I.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (I.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or Illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

□ Bound with other material/ 
Relle avec d'autres documents 


Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serrfe peut causer de Tombre ou de la 
distorslon le long de la marge interieure 


Blank leaves added during restoration may appear 
within the text. Whenever poulble, these have 
been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certalnes pages blanches ajouties 
tors d'une restauratlon apparalssent dans le texte, 
mall, lorsque cela etalt possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas ete fllmtes. 

L'Institut a microfilmi le meilleur exemplaire qu'll 
lui a M possible da se procurer. Les ditalls de cet 
exemplaire qui sont peut4tre uniques du point de vue 
bibliographique, qui ptuvent modifier une image 
reproduite. ou qui peuvent exiger une modification 
dans la mithode normale de f ilmage sont indiqufa 

□ Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 



□ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurtes et/ou pelliculies 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages dicolories, tacheties ou piquces 

□ Pages detached/ 
Pages ditachtes 


□ Quality of prin 
Qualite Inegale 

print varies/ 
negale de I 'impression 


Continuous pagination/ 
Pagination continue 

Includes Index(es)/ 
Comprend un (des) Index 

Title on header taken from: / 
Le tItre de I'en-tCte provient: 


Additional comments:/ 
Commentalres supplementaires: 

□ Title page of Issue 
Page de tItre de la 


Pagination Is unnumbered. 


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Titre de depart de la Iivraison 


Generlque (periodiques) de la Iivraison 

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The copy filmtd h«r« has b««n raproducad thanks 
to tha ganarosity of: 

Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library 

General Information Services 

Tha imagas appaaring hara ara tha bast quality 
possibia considaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaoping with tha 
filming contract spacificationa. 

Original copias in printad papar covars ara fllmad 
baginning with ttia front covar and anding on 
tha last paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion, or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original eopiaa ara filmad baginning on th« 
first paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion. and ^dlng on tha laat paga with a printad 
or illuatratad impraaaion. 

Tha last racordad frama on aach microflcha 
shall contain tha symbol ^»' I moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol ▼ (moaning "END"), 
whiehavar appllaa. 

Maps, plataa. charts, ate. may ba filmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thosa too larga to ba 
antiraly includad in ona axposura ara filmad 
baginning in tha uppar laft hand cornar. iaft to 
right and top to bottom, as many framas as 
raquirad. Tha following diagrams illustrata tha 

L'axamplaira filmi fut raproduit grdca A la 
ginArositA da: 

Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library 

Genera) Information Services 

Las imagas suivantas ont At* raproduites avec la 
plus grand soin. compta tanu de la condition at 
da la nattat* da I'axampiaira filmA. at en 
conformity avac laa conditions du contrat da 

Laa axamplairaa originaux dont la couvartura »n 
papiar ast imprimia sont filmAs an commandant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darniira paga qui comporta una ampreinta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration, soit par la second 
plat, salon la cas. Toua las autras exempiaires 
originaux sont filmto an commanpant par la 
pramiAra paga qui comporta una ampreinta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una telle 

Un das symbolaa suivants apparaitra sur la 
darniire Image da cheque microfiche, seion la 
cas: la symbola — ^^ signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbols V signifie "FN". 

Las cartaa. planchaa. tableaux, etc.. peuvent Atra 
filmte i dee taux da reduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour fttra 
reproduit en un seul clichi. il est U\mi d partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche k droite. 
et de haut en bas. en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaira. Las diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mtthoda. 

1 2 3 

1 2 3 

4 5 6 

MicRoconr kesowtion test chart 












■ 40 


■ 2.2 



^^ I6S3 East Moin Street 

S^S Roctiester. New York U60S USA 

■^ (716) *S2 - 0300 - Phone 

^S (716) 288- 5989 - Fo« 

Toronto ?ub.'c Library] 

(Pamphlet Collcetion) 








General Reference 







> ' the purpose of the selection of an Architect for 

tS , .d building the Board has established a Competition 

u XL rni3 set forth in this programme. 

(0). The ' ize of this Competition will be the commission 
of the design and the supervision of the erection of the pro- 
posed building under the usual terms as set forth in this 

(c). The Competition will be restricted to Architects who 
are bona fide residents and who have been practising their 
profession in Canada for at least six months, immediately pre- 
ceding this day. 

(d). A Board of six judges composed of: — 

His Worship the Mayor. 

A member of the City Council. 

A member of the Public Library Board. 

The Chief Librarian of the Public Library. 

The City Architect. 

The foregoing to elect the sixth judge who shall be 
an Architect. 
These shall report upon the plans submitted, placing the fi >t 
four in order of merit. 

(e). The sei of plans awarded second place by the Board 
of judges shall receive a prize of $350.00. The set of plans 
awarded third place shall receive a prize of $250.00. The best 
fourth set of plans shall be awarded $150.00. 


(f). All competing plans are to be delivered to the Secretary 
of the Board of the Toronto Public Library on or before la 
o'clock noon, on January 31st, 1906 

(g). It being manifestly impossible to secure in competition, 
a design carefully studied out and perfected in all details and 
capable of execution at a definite point of cost, the Board here- 
with states that it desires and expects to receive in this Com- 
petition a carefully studied general scheme only, whose com 
pleted character shall be intelligibly and sufficiently indicated in 
the competitive drawings and whose execution would realize the 
requirements of this programme. 


1. The architect whose plans are awarded the first place 
shall, if requested, revise the design submitted by him and 
shall make such further or other drawings and sketches as may 
be necessary to meet the requirements of the Board and then 
make detailed plans and specifications. If upon tenders being 
received it is found that the cost of the building will exceed the 
prescribed limit to such an extent that the changes necessary 
to bring it within this limit render it no longer acceptable to 
the Board the plan shall be rejected and its author entitled to 
no compensation therefor. 

2. After the plan has been finally accepted, the architect 
shall prepare the full working drawings and specifications, and 
shall supervise the work during the construction of the building. 
He shall have control of all matters of arrangement and design 
and of all alterations and changes therein, subject to the 
approval of the Board before the wurk is begun. 

3. The supervision of the construction of the building 
should be closer than can be given in person by a practising 
architect and it is therefore stipulated that the Board shall 
have the right to place in charge a competent building super- 
intendent or clerk of works who shall give to this work his 
constant supervision until the structure is fully completed. 

4. For all these and such other services as shall be 
incident and necessary thereto the architect shall receive the 


customary commission of five per centum on the total cost of 
the building, such commission in any case not to exceed five 
per centum on the cost as estimated by the architect in the 
plans submitted. 

5. All drawtngfs, specifications, etc., as instruments of 
service are to remain the property of the architect, but one copy 
on tracing; linen of all drawings made to a scale of eight f^ct to 
an inch shall be furnished to th.? Board by the architect when 
the plans are completed, with a copy of each detail, drawn if 
desirable on paper and to a large scale, also a copy of each 
specification, and these are to remain permanently in the archives 
of the ir tion, and if and when changes shall be made in 
plans, drav. ..igs, or specifications, the copies to be deposited 
with the Board shall be from time to time as such changes 
are made, altered by the architect so as to conform with 
the originals thereof. 


Drawings submitted shall be made to the scale of eight feet 
to the inch. To be mounted on a sheet of thick white paper, 
twenty-six by thirty-twc 'nches. and to comprise the following 
and no others : — 

(a). Floor plans of each sto / and of the roof and basement 
on the scale of eight feet to an inch drawn in black and white, 
with the names and dimensions of the rooms lettered in each, 
the length and breadth, as well as the superficial area i.^. square 
feet wherever snace permits. The lettering and figuring is to 
be plain and simple like ordinary type. The walls and parti- 
tions are to be black. There is to be no indication of the 
decorative treatment of floors or ceilings. 

(b). An elevation of the south fn^nt and also one of the 
east front of the building. 

(c). Three sections, showing the principal rooms and 
staircase. The elevations and sections are to be made to a 
uniform scale of eight feet to one inch. The elevations are to 
be drawn in line with India ink, not in pencil, and to b',- rendered 
with the brush, not with the pen, the •-' .aows being carefully 

cut and shown at an angle of forty-Avc degreci from th« l«ft. 
The sections are to be drawn in line, sections of wallsi etc., 
blackened — but have no cast shadows. 

(d). No color is to be used in any of the drawings. 

(e). The above drawings and none other shall be furnished 
by the competing architects, and any competitor violating this 
requirement may be debarred from the competition. 

(f). The competitors will submit, with the drawings, a 
type-written letter not signed, giving a brief description of the 
building and calling attentic.i to any points of interest in the 
design or construction, or in regard to the methods of heating 
or vent'.lating it, not obvio)'.s in the drawings. This paper will 
also state the materials it is proposed to use, the amount of 
money to be employed in decoration and painting, the number 
of cubic feet in the building, as shown, and its supposed cost 
per cubic foot, and the total cost, which must not exceed 

(g). The drawings are not to be fram^td, glazed or mounted 
on cardboard, but are to be sent flat ;° )ortfolio. The draw- 
ings must have no device or motto nor any handwriting or other 
means of identification. With each set of drawings is to be 
enclosed a securely sealed envelope containing the name and 
address of tht architect submitting them, and any architect 
who discloses his identity in any other way is to be excluded 
from the competition. The drawings and envelopes will be 
numbered as they are received and will be known by their 
numbers. The envelopes containing the names will not be 
opened until a fmal decision has been reached. 



(a). The site of the building is a plot of ground on the 
north-west corner of College and St. George Streets, measuring 
two hundred and thirty-four feet on the former and three hun- 
dred and sixty-four feet op '^'".e latter. 

(b). The principal ..^nt will be towards College Street. 
The outer lines of the walls or any purch, portico or similar 




projection irutt not approach nearer than twenty-five feet from 
either street and at least /< ty feet from the adjacent property 
to the west and north. 

(c). Th* principal use to which the building will be put is 
the storing: of the valuable collection of books in the present 
Reference Library, and of furnishing ample accommodation for 
all classes of readers, or students. It is also intended to be 
used as a branch circulating library with about ten thousand 
volumes, and containing ample accommodation for reading room, 
childrfin's room and periodical room. The administrative 
offices of the Public Li'^rary service will 'te quartered i the 

(d). The building is to be thoroughly fire-pr ^of. K is to 
be constructed of brick, terra-cotta or stone, w>^ ail iron and 
steel properly protected against fire, ^^nd it is ' sl.ed that it 
shall be constructed in a simple and i' /• ified style appropriate 
to the usefulness and worth of the site. 

(e). A consideration of importance in the design is the 
possibility of future enlargement, which is to be secured, if 
possible, without detriment to the unity of the structure now to 
be erected, that it, the building now to be erected with the 
funds at disposal, is to be architecturally complete but at the 
same time form only a part of a larger structure, also possessing 
architectural unity and completeness. 

(f). The .sum available for this building com lete, including 
the heating plant, but without furniture, is $260,000. This 
must also include all itect's and engineer's fees of whatso- 

ever description. 

(g). The building is to have a high basement not less than 
sixteen feet from the floor to the ceiling and must be absolutely 
dry. Proper trenches enclosed in masonry must be provided 
under the floor for all heating and other pipes, the trenches to 
be of a sufficient size to enable any portion of the piping to be 
reached without inconvenience and without cuttii ^ or injuring 
the floor. 


The basement to have an entrance for the general public in 

the front portion of the building and entrances for the attendants 

' in rear or side, the rooms to be provided in this portion of the 

building being as follows, the whole to have a superficial area 

of about 17,150 square feet: — 

1 . A room having a superficial area of about 7,800 square 
feet, which is intended to be sub-divided with railings so as to 
provide space tor a Circulating Library, Children's Room, 
Teacher's Room and Room for Periodicals. 

2. Secretary's Room. 

3. Attendant's Room. 

4. Unpacking and Packing Room. 

5. Duplicate Room. 

6. Bindery. 

7. Stationery and Tool Room. 

8. Space for Staircases and Halls. 


It is very desirable that the entrance to the main floor be 
located near the corner of College and St. George Streets. 

The Main floor to have a similar superficial area to the 
basement and to be sub-divided so as to provide the following 
rooms : — 

1. Main Reference Library Reading Room, about 6,200 

feet area, having a width of about 50 feet. 

2. Patent Room (separated from Reading Room by rail and 

columns, area about 1,800 feet). 


Newspaper Room, 

Area about 1,800 feet. 


Map Room 

Area about 900 feet. 


Art Room, 

Area about 2,250 feet. 


Board Room, 

Area about 440 feet. 


Librarian's Oflice, etc. 

Area about 440 feet. 


5. Study Rooms, 

Area about 84 feet each 


g. Cataloguing Room, Area about 600 feet. 

10. The balance of the space to be allotted to entrance, 
corridor, staircases, halls, sanitary accommodation, etc. 

In addition to the space already referred to provision will 
also require to be made for an isolated stack room about 35 
feet in width and 90 feet in length, containing 5 stories of 7 
feet 6 inches in height each, two of which are to be below the 
level of the Reference Library Reading Room floor, and the 
entire stacks and framing for floors, stairs, etc., are to be of an 
approved design manufactured by some Company recognized as 
specialists in this particular description of work. 

The Reference Library Reading Room is intended to be in 
a single story, the balance of the rooms specified for, on the 
main floor, to have ceilings not less than 15 feet in height, with 
space above forming two large rooms intended for exhibition of 
historical pictures and maps, etc., and a small room for photo- 
graphing purposes. The boiler house and coal vaults, etc., 
are intended to be located outside the area of the building 

The counter for delivery in the Reference Reading Room 
should be immediately in front of the entrance to the Stack 
Room, and as close as possible to the Card Catalogue and 
Cataloguing Room, and a Book Elevator will require to be 
provided for in the Stack Room. 


1. The building is for a library and is to be planned for 
library work. It is to be essentially a work place and not a 
show place. 

2. No convenience of arrangement is to be sacrificed for 
mere architectural eff'ect. 

3. Let windows extend to or nearly to the ceiling and light 
• every part of the room, the upper as well as the lower. 

4. Specify the kind of floors intended for the different 
rooms and parts of the building. Free use might be made of 
cork carpet over cement or tiling. 

5. Unnecessary noise is to be provided against throughout. 


6. Delivery and Information desks to have oversight ot 
the entrance and as large a portion of open space as possible. 

' 7. Do not spoil good shelf* space along walls by service 
pipes or wires. 

8. The erection of permanent interior walls and the location 
of columns to be reduced to the minimum required for proper 
and substantial construction. 

9. Provide abundant artificial light as well as the greatest 
possible amount of natural light. 

10. Provide Telephone connection throughout with private 

1 1 . Provide alarm bells for emergencies, and simple routine